Maria Krull

Utställning 1 oktober - 26 november 2019
Vernissage 5 oktober kl 11-16

Maria Krull

Maria was born in Enköping in 1968 and has lived in both Lapland and Småland before she moved to Stockholm 1980. Although the world was her workplace for many years as a Project Manager in the aviation industry, Stockholm is her city and often a theme in her art.

Painting has always been Maria’s passion – she has drawn and painted as long as she can remember. As a child, she used to love Christmas presents that contained paint, paper, and brushes. Over the years Maria has tried several mediums such as watercolor, gouache, and oil. Today, she mainly works with acrylic and oil.

Maria paints women across time and space. The portraits must speak of something, radiate emotions, thoughts, movements, and hopefully awaken the same to the viewer. They can be both strong and vulnerable – depending on the context. Maria can have a personal idea of the message in her paintings, but there is no right or wrong – she finds it utterly interesting to hear how viewers interpret a painting.

Being a behaviorist Maria gets inspirations from the many varieties of expressions a face can reveal – there must be a motion in the picture – that something is happening inside and outside of the object. Maria’s form of expression is subtle and dreamlike – like travel in time and space.

Maria would like to be perceived as an evolving and experimenting artist as she adapts to changes and varieties in the art world while keeping her footprint. She want her audience to visit her shows with curiosity and open minds. Every exhibition shall be a new experience!